PRSM Healthcare Chooses CSG to Enhance Patient Experience

CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) has announced it has been selected by PRSM Healthcare to support enhanced engagement between its customers and patients, the company said.

PRSM Healthcare is the premier medical scheduling provider serving gastroenterologists across the United States. Focused on the non-clinical areas of patient engagement and scheduling, PRSM Healthcare empowers healthcare providers to focus on care and medicine while optimizing the patient experience.

Through its work with CSG, PRSM´s customers will have the ability to send campaign information to their patients as a strategic communications channel to increase patient presentation, procedural recall, compliance, and retention.

CSG will work with PRSM Healthcare to rapidly deploy the new communications program delivering reliable support of PRSM´s increased customer volumes as well as complying with HIPAA and other privacy guidelines. This enhanced communication will support PRSM´s proven ability to increase patient follow-ups after their endoscopy by 80 percent or more.

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