Propeller Airports files federal suit against Paulding County

Propeller Airports LLC, through its subsidiary Silver Comet Terminal Partners, filed a federal complaint in the Northern District of Georgia against Paulding County and the Paulding County Airport Authority seeking clarification of the Airport Authority´s role, the company said.

The complaint details how Paulding County leadership has reneged on previously agreed upon plans to develop commercial passenger service at the County´s airport — plans that were developed in conjunction with and approved by the County.

The County is currently claiming, however, that the Airport Authority was not authorized to enter into these agreements, while at the same time the County is seeking reimbursement for bond payments from Silver Comet which they claim are owed under the same agreements. As such, Silver Comet is seeking a declaratory judgement to determine whether or not the Airport Authority was authorized to enter into these agreements and act in these matters.

Propeller Airports is a subsidiary of Propeller Investments. With offices in New York, Seattle, Dublin and Atlanta, Propeller identifies untapped potential for commercial air travel by working with local governments and communities to maximize local airport assets. By bringing private, free-enterprise business practices to airports that contribute to the local economy, Propeller and its government partners focus on “smart” development that is in-line with local objectives.