Proofpoint data shows tech, financial services likely attacked in a more targeted manner

Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT) has released new research showing the volume of cyber-attacks are clearly different by industry and spread across a much wider range of industries than anticipated.

Research indicated broad “longlining” attacks on pharmaceutical, retail, education, and more than 15 other sectors, as well as more focused attacks on the technology and financial service sectors.

“The assumption that certain industries are more targeted by attackers than others appears legitimate, though some of the higher-scoring industries surprised us, as some don´t typically consider themselves targeted,” said David Knight, executive vice president, information security products at Proofpoint. “The research shows that advanced malware-based attacks are targeting a broader range of industries than we expected.”

The research is available free of charge on Proofpoint´s recently launched “Threat Insight” ( resource site.

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