Private Jet Card Comparisons Adds Jet Card Decider Worksheet

Private Jet Card Comparisons, the only independent guide to jet card programs, has launched its exclusive Jet Card Decider worksheet to help finding the right program even easier, the company said.

The new service is available exclusively to current and new paid subscribers at no additional cost. Private Jet Card Comparisons provides the most comprehensive comparison data on jet card companies comparing over 250 programs by more than 65 variables.

Private Jet Card Comparisons was launched in April 2017 after Gollan, a contributor to, became frustrated as he was trying to research an in-depth article about the category. He found there were more providers that he expected, and in fact, the number of programs and providers had more than doubled since the Great Recession.

Jet cards are a form of private jet charter and fill the space between on-demand charter and fractional ownership, with programs starting from under 10 hours to over 100 hours of flight time. Gollan saw that there were numerous differences between the programs that went beyond just hourly private jet price, eventually cataloguing more than 65 variables. In his research, he found the only buyer´s guides available were either directly from providers or lead generation services selling subscriber data to specific companies.

Private Jet Card Comparisons offers paid subscribers easy-to-use spreadsheets comparing 38 providers and over 250 programs by more than 65 variables.