Pristine Agency cautions travelers to expect longer TSA lines this summer

Pristine Agency has warned travelers to expect long lines for airline travel this summer despite the TSA PreCheck program implemented four years ago that was supposed to resolve long lines, the company said.

TSA PreCheck allowed airline passengers who wanted to pass through checkpoints faster to apply for a pass that would cost between USD85 and USD100 every five years. They would also need to show up at the airport for an interview before their PreCheck pass was issued. The cost as well as the hassle of making the trip to the airport for the interview was speculated to be the cause of the program falling short of the expected applicants.

As a result, the PreCheck lines have been empty while regular lines are backed up. Keeping the PreCheck lines open became expensive, yet the TSA couldn´t close them so as not to annoy the passengers who went to the trouble of acquiring them. The lack of applicants caused problems as the TSA had already laid off 10 percent of its workers that they didn´t expect to need once the PreCheck program took off.

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