Primoco UAV Model 15-hour endurance record

Unmanned aircraft manufacturer Primoco UAV has announced the completion of a 15-hour and three-minute continuous unmanned flight, utilizing Sagetech Avionics´ transponders integrated with UAV Navigation´s Vector autopilot, the company said.

The ADS-B out feature of Sagetech Avionics´ XPS transponder allowed for the aircraft to be seen by Air Traffic Control as well as other aircraft in the area, providing an essential safety aspect for unmanned systems interacting with manned aviation. The unmanned aircraft flew 1650 km at an average fuel consumption of 2.2 liters per hour of flight.

The flight was tracked online using a commercial website displaying real-time flight path data from the aircraft´s ADS-B transmissions, which are generally required for all aircraft in controlled airspace.

UAV Navigation and Sagetech Avionics, Inc. collaborate on the integration of the XP and MX families of transponders with the flight control solution. Sagetech´s low SWaP and reliable transponders are entirely compatible with VECTOR, UAV Navigation´s flagship autopilot. Sagetech´s Mode S ADS-B transponders enable the seamless and safe incorporation of unmanned flight into manned airspace.

The Czech company Primoco UAV develops and produces the unmanned aircraft One 100/150 for numerous civilian and government applications.

Sagetech Avionics, Inc. provides the world´s smallest robust aviation surveillance equipment.