PrecisionHawk Gets Patents for Unmanned Air Traffic Management (UTM)

PrecisionHawk, Inc., a pioneer in geospatial data acquisition and analysis for enterprises, has announced it has been awarded two patents for technologies it has developed for unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM), the company said.

The patents, titled ´Automated Unmanned Air Traffic Control System,´ are designed to enable collision avoidance between drones and manned aircraft. This is achieved by transmitting real-time flight data from drones to a UTM server prior to and while in-flight.

In order to safely fly drones long distances, operators must be able to avoid collisions with other drones and manned aircraft. The first patent is for technology that allows drones to send real-time telemetry to flight servers to avoid collisions while in the air. The second patent helps drone operators avoid collisions by transmitting their flight plan to a traffic management server prior to a flight to see if there is a potential for flight conflicts.

The traffic management server receives similar data for other drones and manned aircraft. If there is potential for collision, the traffic management server sends an alert to the drone so the operator can adjust the flight plan.

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