Prague one of least expensive European cities to visit

Prague is one of the cheapest cities in Europe based on accommodation costs, according to a new survey by which has compared hotel rates across forty popular city destinations.

Rates were compared for the month of September, the busiest period of the year for most European cities. Only centrally located hotels rated at least three stars and with positive average client reviews were surveyed.

With an average price of EUR38 euros per night for the least expensive double room, Prague ranks 38th in the survey. Only three destinations came out as cheaper: Bucharest (EUR34), Sofia (EUR30) and Kiev (EUR29).

At the other end of the scale, Milan leads the ranking with an average price of EUR135 euros, while Stockholm is in second place at EUR133. According to Paul Joseph from, the Expo 2015 event currently taking place in Milan has been a key factor in driving up hotel prices, increasing average rates by a hefty 25 percent.

The following table shows the five most expensive and five least expensive cities in Europe for accommodation during September. The prices shown reflect the average rate for each destination´s cheapest available double room (minimum three stars) for the time period spanning 1st — 30th September, 2015.

1. Milan 135 euros
2. Stockholm 133 euros
3. Munich 127 euros
4. Amsterdam 119 euros
5. Zurich 116 euros


36. Budapest 39 euros
37. Prague 38 euros
38. Bucharest 34 euros
39. Sofia 30 euros
40. Kiev 29 euros

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