Pragma releases next generation cyber security system administration platform

Pragma Systems, a provider of enterprise-class remote access and SSH solutions, has announced the release of its next generation of secure systems administration platform, Telemote, the company said.

Telemote´s launch customer is Change Healthcare, a healthcare services and IT company formed by McKesson Corporation and Change Healthcare, who adopted Pragma Telemote to provide remote support to hospitals worldwide who use the company´s high-resolution imaging stations. Telemote brings full remote graphical access and high security utilizing the SSH communication layer to encrypt data and remote access to the systems management of Windows servers, desktops and embedded systems.

Telemote is a comprehensive systems management platform built for the cyber security era where maximum security is needed to avoid an ever-evolving variety of hacks and threats. It is built with Pragma´s FIPS, US Army Certified and Cisco UC APL tested highly secure SSH communications layers. Telemote provides six core sysadmin functions: screen access of remote machines via Telemote protocol, dashboard to manage systems, secure file transfer, remote PowerShell sessions, remote SSH command line & Microsoft RDP screen access.

Pragma Systems, Inc. is a provider of enterprise class remote access and secure file transfer software for Microsoft Windows platforms and is a Cisco Solution Partner & Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. To learn more, visit