Portnox CORE provides instant data on all devices on any network for maximum control

Interop ITX, the independent conference for tech leaders, presented Portnox a Best of Interop ITX Award, recognizing Portnox CORE for its role in advancing network access control and cybersecurity, and addressing real-world customer concerns, the company said.

In each of the award program´s five categories of innovation, the event named the exhibitor whose new product or service is helping the IT industry to grow both successfully and strategically.

Portnox CORE offers complete visibility and security to networks for protection against IoT, mobile and connected device threats, combating security threats proposed by the 200 billion connected devices expected to be deployed across the globe by 2020.

The latest addition to CORE is IoT Radar, which provides instant, full insight and information on connected device endpoints including the operating system, open ports, running services and changes in those data points. Traversing all networking layers — Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPN and the cloud, Portnox CORE analyzes and controls all connected users and devices in real-time on the enterprise network from one central location.

Portnox helps connected organizations secure corporate networks by utilizing its next-generation network access control and management solutions. Portnox solutions manage any Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices or any user devices accessing the network, including remote locations and whether on mobile, BYOD or managed device.