POP brings tech industry leader to board

POP said it has appointed tech industry leader Adriel Lares to the company´s board of directors.

Lares brings several decades of executive leadership experience to the board, with a proven track record of driving innovation across multiple industries.

Previously, Lares served as the Business Unit Leader of Hewlett-Packard´s 3PAR Storage division. He joined 3PAR in 2001 and led the company from its initial product launch to its international expansion, growing the annual revenue run rate to more than USD200 million. He guided the company through two private financings and oversaw 3PAR´s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2007.

Lares holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University and is a partner in Memento Mori winery. He also holds a number of board positions at various charitable non profits as well as technology businesses including YuMe.

POPin is a mobile app used by business and IT professionals to generate buy-in for strategic initiatives by making all employees, partners and/or customers an accomplice in the master plan.