Poll shows travelers want airline mergers, airport improvements, fees addressed

The national coalition Travelers´ Voice, in conjunction with Morning Consult polling, has released results of a comprehensive survey of air traveling registered voters.

Registered voters, who have traveled by air in the last 12 months, perceive that airline mergers have increased ticket prices, decreased options for travelers, and harmed the overall travel experience.

The 4,290 respondents also want Congress to focus on improving airports and allowing travelers to access more carriers.

Nearly half of all respondents think there should be more airline carriers offering flight options to airports that serve their region (46 percent); and 63 percent say Congress needs to allow travelers access to more airline carriers.

Nearly half think the mergers have reduced flight options (45 percent); while over two in five think these mergers have harmed the overall travel experience (42 percent).

More than two in five expressed that Congress should make it a priority to expand and improve airports to increase competition (44 percent).

Almost six in 10 say the federal government should review consolidation of airlines to see its effect on competition (56 percent).

Morning Consult conducted a poll on behalf of Travelers´ Voice. This poll was conducted from March 11-28, 2016, among a national sample of 4,290 registered voters who have traveled by air in the past 12 months.