Polaris Wireless solution helps first responders locate wireless emergency callers in 3 dimensions

Polaris Wireless, a provider of high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions, has demonstrated the ability to locate wireless devices in the vertical dimension, or z-axis, within one floor level and has further improved indoor horizontal accuracy, the company said.

Polaris Wireless offers the industry´s only true software-based hybrid location solution, which integrates available sensor inputs from devices and wireless networks. No additional hardware is required in the wireless carrier networks and no additional firmware is needed in wireless devices enabling Polaris Wireless´ solution to be rapidly deployable nationwide.

Polaris Wireless provides high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions to wireless operators, law enforcement and government agencies, and location-based application companies with a US focus on public safety (FCC-mandated E911), commercial LBS, and Internet of Things. Polaris Wireless was named winner of the Mobility Award for Mobile Software Indoor Positioning Systems at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show.