PlumSlice launches Magento extension

PlumSlice Labs, a pioneer and leader in the development of collaborative product cloud applications for digital commerce ecosystems, has launched a new extension for the Magento eCommerce platform.

The PlumSlice PIM extension when combined with the PlumSlice PIM+ application, allows Magento customers to manage product data seamlessly and automatically send updates to any Magento eCommerce site/store specified.

The PlumSlice Collaboration Suite applications are powerful tools to optimize product information workflows, governance and distribution integrated with digital asset management and team collaboration.

The PlumSlice Product Information Management (PIM) extension for Magento eCommerce platforms enables faster time to market with fewer required resources. The extension integrates Magento with PIM+, a fully-configurable and workflow-based SAAS application that enables the systemic management of all product information from one central location.

Automation, collaboration and workflow management combine to streamline time-to-market for new products, reduce costly product data errors, truncate re-platforming timelines, and drive an exponential improvement in the ability to deliver a relevant customer experience across multiple channels with limited resources. PlumSlice PIM+ was designed for touchscreens and includes desktop, iPad and mobile applications, allowing Magento customers to access, work and collaborate from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

By leveraging the latest developments in cloud collaboration, big data and mobile business technology, PlumSlice Labs provides a suite of web and mobile apps to help retailers manage and sell their products more economically, creatively, and efficiently.

PlumSlice Labs was founded by a team of retail, ecommerce, and technology veterans and is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. with satellite offices in Miami and New Delhi.