Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule adds standard dynamic key encryption

Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: VCSY) has announced that the Ploinks Secure Personal Capsuleâ„¢, has attained the gold standard of secure and private communications by getting a major boost with the addition of standard dynamic key encryption and other features that bar intrusions by any outside parties, the company said.

This accomplishment provides an even higher level of security for users of Ploinks® who will enjoy protection of their private images, phone calls, and all data communication.

Ploinks® is currently only available for communications between users located within the United States.

Beginning on January 7, 2019, these new enhancements will be available and consumers and professionals who have Android smartphones and other enabled Android mobile devices will be able to download Ploinks® and get their own personal Ploinks Secure Personal Capsule™ by visiting or Ploinks® on Google Play.

Vertical Computer Systems is a provider of administrative software, Internet core technologies and derivative software application products. Vertical´s subsidiary Now Solutions, Inc., distributes emPathâ„¢, a payroll and human resources software solution.

Ploinks, Inc., is a software company that develops personal private communication products. “Ploinks®” is a personal private communication channel, which, together with the Puddleâ„¢, a backup solution for personal data of Ploinks® users, forms the Ploinks Secure Personal Capsuleâ„¢. To keep up with the latest Ploinks news, visit and (or search for “@PloinksInc” on Twitter).