Pliant Revolutionizes RPA With Virtual Guide

Pliant, a robotic process automation (RPA) software provider for API-driven enterprise and service provider infrastructures, has released a new integrated Virtual Guide toolset to enable faster, more reliable implementation of automation workflows, the company said.

Pliant´s workflow automation platform has the power to visually abstract code from the integration process and allow users to quickly build and deploy complex workflows across the business in real-time.

Built within Pliant´s RPA platform, the intuitive Virtual Guide “debugger” capability simplifies the ability to interrupt and edit workflows at any point, including how data is exchanged between APIs, modules and disparate systems along a path. DevOps/IT Ops/SecOps teams can also easily simulate highly sophisticated workflow integrations and edit breakpoints by using the debugger to identify and eliminate roadblocks before sending the workflow into production.

Centralized automation saves organizations time and money, but only if the automation workflows work. Pliant´s RPA platform enables DevOps, IT Ops, and SecOps to quickly create sophisticated and robust workflow automations to tie multiple systems together and optimize performance and response across the business. Skilled staff spend more time on higher value projects when they spend less time troubleshooting automation workflows.

Pliant believes moving at the speed of digital business requires a fundamental change in the way corporations must deploy and manage technology. Speed and complexity of operations demand a solution that not only provides initial automation of provisioning and reduction of human error, but it must also ensure compliance, and in some cases provide automated real-time mitigation.