Play established as new low-cost Icelandic airline

Play has announced it has been established as a low-cost airline in Iceland to provide flights between Iceland, Europe and North America, the company said.

Play airlines are formed by the employees of WOW airlines which had collapsed in 2019. This airline promises to take its step in the market as to how WOW had. This airline plans to operate a series of new fleet services in Europe as its first destination. In Europe, it will first send its Airbus aircraft to London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, and some of the cities of the United States such as New York and Boston.

It has a wide body for the operation which is similar to Wow airlines. They will gradually start pushing up the costs. The airline promises to start its services as soon as the pandemic retreats. This airline is backed by one of the Iceland Investing company Fea, which is led by Elias Skúli Skúlason. Iceland is served by more than 20 airlines which also includes their own airline Icelandair. PLAY air will act like its competitors in the market.