Pixmob partners with Crystal Interactive to expand its Klik product into Europe

Klik by PixMob, an advanced event engagement solution with smart wearables from Canada, has announced at C2 Montréal its partnership with the UK´s largest full-service event technology company, Crystal Interactive, the company said.

The agreement gives Crystal Interactive the exclusive rights to sell and deploy klik in the UK and to support clients with Crystal´s renowned full-service package at events in the UK and overseas.

The all-in-one solution enables event organisers to better plan, engage with and measure their events through registration, event programming, networking, location services, on-site staff management, and comprehensive live data and analytics. The wearable devices allow for truer attendee interaction and networking using state-of-the-art technology for more face-to-face and less face-to-phone, while at the same time gathering useful ROI data without impacting on the attendee´s experience.

Founded in 2006, PixMob is a Canadian company that developed a patented interactive wireless LED technology used to create stunning light effects on crowds. After 10 years of engaging crowds, PixMob noticed that many event technologies drew people deeper into smartphones and social networks, creating a digital wall that discourages human connection. To respond to this new reality, they created Klik, with the purpose of fostering connections between attendees at live events, while collecting better data for event organizers in order to improve future events.

Audience engagement specialist Crystal Interactive has supported every type of conference, meeting, event forum, seminar and symposium, working with many of the FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies. Established in 1990, the company has pioneered and developed text-based communication systems that allow delegates and participants to share ideas and provide real-time feedback and comment; enabling organisations to achieve more from their meetings and events.