Pivotal Commware releases Beamforming Technologies white paper

A white paper contrasting the differences between the two beamforming technologies designed to meet growing capacity requirements for 4G and 5G networks was released today by Pivotal Commware.

Written by Eric J. Black, Ph.D., CTO of Pivotal Commware, the paper, titled “Holographic Beam Forming and MIMO,” describes the benefits of electronic beamforming for 4G and 5G networks and compares multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) to Holographic Beam Formingâ„¢ (HBF). Both technologies implement Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA).

“The wireless world is feverishly working to open a new degree of freedom — space — to meet the explosive growth in network capacity and performance,” said Black. “4G LTE is nearly at the theoretical limits of wireless resource utilization, while 5G will need advancements such as beamforming to meet its full potential. Beamforming technologies will be critical to both.”

The white paper is available for download here: https://pivotalcommware.com/technology/

Pivotal Commware is bringing to market communications products based on Holographic Beam Forming technology. Incubated by Invention Science Fund, Pivotal Commware secured an initial funding round of USD 17 million in June 2017 with lead investments from The Thermo companies and DIG Investment, along with those from Bill Gates, Lux Capital, the family office of Barry Sternlicht, and others. The company is privately held and headquartered in Bellevue, WA.