Pivotal Commware conducts public demonstration of holographic beam forming

Pivotal Commware has demonstrated its Holographic Beam Formingâ„¢ (HBF) in front of a live audience, the company said.

Like its recent Gigabit+ outdoor test, this 28 GHz indoor demonstration featured Pivotal´s Echo 5Gâ„¢ affixed to the double-paned, low-E glass surface of a simulated home.

The product was positioned directly in front of and at a 45-degree angle from a simulated 5G base station. In both cases, Echo 5G was able to acquire the base station signal and boost it through the glass to achieve full-speed throughput.

Pivotal´s demonstration underscores the technical and economic challenges associated with fixed 5G service at millimeter wave frequencies. Due to the physics of high frequency radio waves, achieving meaningful link distances and throughput requires beamforming technology on the subscriber side to intercept and amplify the signal into the home.

Pivotal Commware overcomes these challenges by embedding HBF into its glass-attached Echo 5G unit that customers can install by themselves — no external wiring or drilling through walls. The low-profile and lightweight Echo 5G then boosts the signal through the customer´s window at any angle, both to and from the base station.

Pivotal Commware develops communications platforms, systems and applications based on Holographic Beam Formingâ„¢. HBF antenna technology enables network operators to increase network speed, capacity and spectral efficiency, using the lowest cost, size, weight and power consumption (C-SWaP) envelope available. The company is privately held and headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.