Pivot3 introduces hyperconverged appliance for SME applications

Pivot3 has introduced Edge Protect, a hyperconverged SAN storage solution for mid-sized and remotely distributed surveillance applications, the company said.

Edge Protect delivers enterprise-class IT capabilities on off-the-shelf x86 server hardware, enabling users to realize the benefits of highly efficient shared storage and built-in failover without the complexity or cost typically associated with infrastructure based on separate servers and SAN storage.

The demand for high-resolution network video surveillance continues to accelerate the need for server and storage solutions that deliver high availability and reliability. According to a recent IHS report, 566 petabytes of data were produced daily by new video surveillance cameras worldwide in 2015. In 2017, this number is expected to exceed 1,500 petabytes per day.

Edge Protect provides high-performance storage and server infrastructure for up to 200 video surveillance cameras, at a price point competitive with direct attached storage (DAS) typically deployed in mid-sized NVR applications. Ideal for small, medium and distributed environments in the retail, financial, educational and healthcare markets, Edge Protect´s unique architecture ensures all storage is accessible by all cameras regardless of physical location. With built-in server failover, video management and recording functionality is protected during any hardware failures, a highly sought after feature typically only found in large, complex enterprise surveillance implementations.

Pivot3 provides dynamic hyperconverged solutions and predictable flash storage. It has more than 2,000 customers around the world deploying more than 16,000 hyperconverged infrastructures in multiple industries such as video surveillance, healthcare, government, transportation, entertainment, education, gaming and retail.