Pioneer Consulting directs Crosslake Fibre's Lake Ontario subsea cable system project services

Providing technical guidance and project management for the Canadian dark fiber provider Crosslake Fibre, Pioneer Consulting´s engineering team is assisting with design, procurement, and project management of a 60km subsea fiber optic cable across Lake Ontario, the company said.

Connecting Toronto, Canada, with Buffalo, New York, the subsea cable will provide the very first route directly across the North American lake. Pioneer Consulting´s oceanographic experts have recently completed the management of the marine route survey of Lake Ontario which has collected bathymetric data and soil samples that will help establish the most reliable route for the cable. Requiring robust project engineering, Crosslake Fibre intends to serve the needs of data centers and telecom carriers for future decades.

Pioneer Consulting is also overseeing the engineering integration for various scopes of work for the cable which has a targeted Q3 2018 Ready for Service date. By managing the procurement and integration of the required goods and services, Pioneer Consulting is assisting Crosslake Fibre to implement an economically viable system.

In addition, Pioneer Consulting´s recently released innovative routing software, named, was instrumental in delivering a streamlined Desktop Study that became the basis of the marine route survey and subsequent route engineering work. By providing on-board representation during the route survey, Pioneer has been able to maintain a cohesive view of the project as it develops.

Pioneer offers a comprehensive set of services for the submarine fiber optic telecommunication system industry including: turnkey project management, financial and technical due diligence, engineering and implementation and market and technical studies. For further information about Pioneer Consulting visit

Crosslake Fibre was established to develop fiber optic projects throughout North America. Crosslake´s innovative approach to developing next-generation networks will bring new backbone routes to telecommunications carriers and web-centric customers, and last mile broadband to consumers. Crosslake Fibre´s project is its Lake Ontario project to construct a new subsea cable from Toronto, Canada to Buffalo, New York. For additional information, visit