Pilot leverages Telia Carrier's Global IP Backbone

Telia Carrier has announced a partnership with Pilot, which has deployed its IP Transit services throughout the northeastern US, the company said. T

These services enable Pilot to expand its regional infrastructure, support backbone traffic and enhance the end-user experience. The company´s high-IQ fiber-optic Internet offers businesses speeds of up to 10 Gbps in offices and 100 Gbps in data centers. Pilot has worked with Telia Carrier for the past two years to provide seamless solutions to more than 1,250 businesses and 75,000 end users.

Sustained customer demand for digital content from financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and other businesses is driving the increasing need for high-bandwidth, high-capacity, high-performance connectivity. Telia Carrier´s global footprint of high-speed services allows Pilot to provide its customers with broadband speeds that are 200 times faster than services offered by other providers in the Northeast.

Telia Carrier owns and operates one of the world´s most extensive fiber backbones. Discover more at teliacarrier.com.

Pilot is a better Internet provider for businesses that is fundamentally changing the standards for the ISP industry. Founded in 2014, Pilot pairs advanced fiber optic technology with proprietary smart software to provide Internet that is faster, more reliable and more secure. By combining high-IQ fiber optic Internet up to 200x faster than competitors with unparalleled customer service, Pilot delivers the Internet experience that today´s businesses want and deserve. Based in New York City, Pilot currently provides Internet service to more than 1,250 businesses and 75,000 end users in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston. For more information visit www.pilotfiber.com.