PikMobile to open in-app PicStore

PikMobile has reported plans to open PikStore, an in-app photo store built into the ad-free, multi-image PikMobile app, the company said.

The app provides one-click purchase of official photos and video from sporting events, concerts and celebrities to supercharge PikMobile Stories.

Daily more than 1.8 billion photos are shared each day via Snapchat, Instagram, and Flickr. In 2016, more than 90% of the 2.5 trillion photos shared or stored online are taken from a Smartphone.

The PikMobile PikStore will provide attribution, viewing permissions, watermarking and options for logos to be superimposed on the photos and video.

PikMobile, Inc. is a photo sharing app igniting the next evolution in mobile photo sharing and storytelling. PikMobile was founded in 2013 by executives with backgrounds in wireless telecom, software development, and consumer marketing.