Philippines National Police launches digital mobile radio communications system

The Philippines National Police has launched its DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) communications system as part of a major effort to strengthen PNP (Philippines National Police) connectivity through digital transformation, the company said.

Hytera, a global provider of professional and private wireless communications solutions provided communications service for PNP to fulfill their target of strengthening communication connectivity, which is attributed to the Smart Policing Project of the PNP.

The previous PNP analog radio communications system was put in service in 1995, and has a lifecycle of 10-12 years. APCO P16, the technology it adopted, was outdated compared to the radio systems used by PNP counterparts in other countries. Serious communication issues had arisen due to the aging analog system, such as high costs of maintenance due to frequent repair and spare parts shortage, poor interoperability, inadequate coverage, and low frequency efficiency. The new sophisticated DMR system was established to solve the problems, while bringing many other up-to-date functionalities.

Hytera provided an intelligent DMR trunking system and around 20,000 industry-leading digital terminals, including mobile radio MD788, portable radio PD988, PD788 etc., aiming to establish a modern communications system. The new system is a highly reliable, secured and unified national communications system which could enable PNP to accomplish daily operation and mission critical, featuring smooth migration from analog to digital, and high interoperability. The new system can be integrated with many other systems, such as PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), car ID database for query, etc.