Perth Children's Hospital standardizes communication with Vocera

Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCRA), a recognized provider of clinical communication and workflow solutions, has announced that Perth Children´s Hospital (PCH) has implemented Vocera Collaboration Suite throughout its new facility to improve care team communication and clinical workflows, the company said.

Clinicians and staff across the hospital can communicate hands-free with wearable Vocera badges, text securely using the Vocera smartphone app, and communicate at their workstations via a web console.

The 298-bed multi-specialty pediatric hospital in Nedlands, Australia, opened in June 2018, replacing Princess Margaret Hospital as the state´s dedicated children´s hospital. Because emergency department clinicians at Princess Margaret Hospital were efficiently and effectively using the Vocera system, leaders at PCH decided to standardize communication enterprise-wide with the solution at the new hospital, which is much larger and more technologically advanced.

Using the Vocera system, PCH clinicians don´t need to worry about remembering phone numbers, names, or who is on call. They can simply text or say a specific group or individual role.

Perth Children´s Hospital planned to deploy the Vocera system in the emergency and oncology departments of the new hospital, but realized its potential, and expanded the technology to an enterprise-wide, intelligent unified communication solution that enables voice, texting, alerting and integrations.

So far, PCH has integrated the Vocera solution with the hospital´s nurse call, telephony, fire alarm and building management systems. There is a unique integration that sends alerts to certain staff when refrigerator temperatures reach risk levels. The IT team is working on an integration between the Vocera solution and the building management system that would proactively send an alert to IT staff if the temperature in the computer business centre reached a certain degree.

Perth Children´s Hospital (PCH) opened June 2018, replacing Princess Margaret Hospital as Western Australia´s specialist pediatric hospital and trauma center, providing medical care to children and adolescents up to 16 years of age. For more information, visit

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