Performance Horizon expands into Germany

Performance Horizon, provider of the market-leading enterprise SaaS platform for scaling partnerships in private networks, today announced its official expansion into German-speaking Europe with its new headquarters in Hamburg and key hire Oskar Stenzel as the company´s General Manager, Germany. The expansion is a result of the rapidly growing German business and will better serve German customers in the region and across Europe.

Major brands in travel, retail, finance and telecom rely on the Performance Horizon enterprise platform to scale their affiliate and marketing partnerships in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to drive new customer acquisition, revenue increases and profitability gains.

The platform enables customers to manage partnerships at scale, optimize partner performance, automate reconciliation, and integrate data into existing workflows and systems via the open architecture, as well as process partner payments globally.

Performance Horizon´s German headquarters and staff expansion builds on the company´s existing regional customer support and infrastructure. German customers already receive technical support in German and Performance Horizon´s Data Center is located in Frankfurt to ensure appropriate privacy protection for German businesses and their consumers.

Performance Horizon provides SaaS solutions for partner marketing, enabling large enterprises to drive significant business through their marketing partners and affiliates.