Pennsylvania Wolf Administration invests in airport improvements

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf has reported 23 airports in the state will make safety upgrades and expand operation opportunities with the assistance of USD8.8 million in state investments, the governor said.

Included in the grants is USD5.4 million distributed through the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, a capital budget grant program funded with bonds. The grants leverages nearly USD3.6 million in local matching funds. Authorized by the General Assembly, the grants are administered by PennDOT´s Bureau of Aviation.

The investments also include USD3.4 million in state funding from PennDOT´s Aviation Development Program, which comes from the state´s jet fuel tax and leverages USD1.1 million in local matching funds. Public-use airports in the state are eligible for the Aviation Development Program.

The program complements the state multimodal fund, which dedicates USD6.0 million to aviation in this fiscal year. The fund was created by Act 89, a far-reaching transportation funding program that clears the way for significant investments in all transportation modes.