pdvWireless appoints utility industry veteran to strategy team

pdvWireless, Inc., (“PDV”) (NASDAQ: PDVW), a wireless communications carrier focused on developing and offering private network and mobile communication solutions for businesses, has announced the appointment of Kevin C. Malloy to its Strategy and Regulatory Affairs team, where he will serve as Director of Business Development, the company said.

Mr. Malloy has more than 28 years of experience in the telecom sector of the utility industry, most recently at National Grid where he led the development and management of mobile radio, microwave, fiber, metering and SCADA networks. Mr. Malloy also served as the Chair for both the Utilities Technology Council´s (UTC) Telecom Committee and New England Region, where he was active in advocating for the critical infrastructure industry.

At PDV, Mr. Malloy will be focused on developing solutions to serve the expanding needs of the utilities and the broader critical infrastructure industries, leveraging PDV´s national 900 MHz spectrum position. Mr. Malloy is joining an industry dedicated team at PDV who over the past year, have fostered an ecosystem of partners and vendors to develop secure and innovative integrated communications solutions. PDV is committed to working with its partners to deliver flexible, modernized and secure broadband solutions that encompass the expanding requirements and new use cases of the industry.

pdvWireless, Inc. is a private wireless communications carrier focused on utilizing its spectrum assets to develop and offer next generation network and mobile communication solutions to critical infrastructure and enterprise customers. It is the largest holder of licensed nationwide spectrum in the 900 MHz band in the United States and is pursuing a regulatory process that seeks to modernize a portion of the 900 MHz band to accommodate the future deployment of broadband technologies and services.

pdvWireless operates private push-to-talk (“PTT”) networks in major markets throughout the United States and, by combining its PTT services with its patented and industry-validated SaaS technology, is improving team communication and field documentation across a wide array of industries, including transportation, distribution, construction, hospitality, waste management and field service.