PCTEL recommends best wireless carriers for RFID-based luggage tracking system

PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI) said it has completed network testing at more than 300 domestic and international airports in support of a major airline´s baggage tracking initiative.

The initiative uses RFID scanners, which require a reliable connection to a wireless network.

To help the airline choose the best networks for their tracking system, PCTEL compared multiple tier 1 carriers at each airport. PCTEL´s test engineers followed a bag´s journey through the system from check-in, through various holding rooms, to the tarmac. Along the way, they collected RF measurements on both 3G and 4G technologies for each carrier´s network. PCTEL engineers analyzed the data and filed concise reports for the airline. The results determined the best carrier and technology to program the RFID scanners at each airport.

In addition to the recommendations for the airline, PCTEL has offered its reports to the wireless carriers at each site. When carriers receive specific testing data for their network, they can identify problem areas and allocate resources to optimize their networks to further increase the connection reliability of the airline´s luggage scanners.