PCT International Averts Hostile Takeover Attempt

The US Bankruptcy Court has granted motions filed by PCT International, Inc. to permit continued business operations of the company while it reorganizes in a Chapter 11 case, the company said.

In granting PCT´s “First Day” motions, the Court has rejected objections filed by one of PCT´s former vendors aimed at gaining control of PCT and its intellectual property rights.

During the course of prior litigation PCT learned that a vendor had given PCT´s engineering and business trade secrets to a competitor.

PCT will continue to develop innovative products to support the telecommunications infrastructure and ensure the company´s future success.

PCT International is a privately owned company serving a significant segment of the US and international telecommunications infrastructure. PCT´s patented coaxial cable and connectors have been installed 60 countries around the world. To learn more, visit, http://www.pctinternational.com/our-company/.