Patent Issued for aircraft flap wells cleaner

Awesome Products Corp. has announced that it has been issued a patent for a product to clean inside aircraft flap wells and other hard to reach areas of aircraft, the company said.

After the product was developed it was sent to two Lockheed Martin maintenance facilities, Corpus Christi and Jacksonville, for evaluation. They used the product for several cleanings. Both facilities liked the product and put in orders.

The Flap Well Cleaning Wandsâ„¢ are made entirely in the USA and are safe for all aircraft surfaces: paint, clear coat, plastics, metals, graphics, etc. They are reusable, recyclable, and are impervious to chemicals though they are made to clean using only aircraft wash soap & water.

The Flap Well Cleaning Wandsâ„¢ are now distributed by Aircraft Spruce in Corona, CA. and Awesome Products Corp. is seeking other distributors.