Pasadena ISD to 'Level the Playing Field' through new LTE broadband Internet service

Pasadena Independent School District will be the first school district In Texas to provide its own private, self-managed, high speed, wireless LTE broadband network for students at home, the district said.

The district partnered with M&A Technology, Inc., a Dallas based full service technology provider with a 30-year history of supporting Texas school districts, to install the latest generation of 4G-LTE broadband technology at 15 school locations, which is linked to the district´s network.

This new era of 4G-LTE technology will deliver high-speed Internet access to students to meet the demands of the 21st century learner and expand opportunities for both enrichment and skill development.

This school-to-home technology initiative has now entered the field testing phase. Students, parents and educators will soon have a new tool to extend their learning beyond their time in the classroom.