Partner Communications gets temporary allocation of 700 MHz frequency spectrum bands

Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR), an Israeli communications operator, reports, that the Ministry of Communications has temporarily allocated to the company spectrum bands in the 700 MHz frequency band for the use of advanced LTE technologies, subject to the company´s commitment to comply with all the terms of the temporary allocation, the company said.

The Temporary Allocation will enable the company to prepare for use of the 700 MHz frequency band, for the provision of advanced MRT services and to streamline the adaptation of the relevant technology. In addition, the said use will enable the company to improve the quality and coverage of the cellular service it provides to its subscribers.

Partner uses a joint radio network with Hot Mobile Ltd., through the joint venture P.H.I. Networks (2015) LP, in accordance with the network sharing agreement between the two companies.