Partner Communications discusses fiber infrastructure deployment and right of use agreement with Cellcom

Partner Communications company Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR), an Israeli communications operator, has announced that the company is holding negotiations with Cellcom Israel Ltd., another Israeli telecommunications operator, regarding a potential long term cooperation agreement, for the deployment of a fiber optics infrastructure by both companies, whereby each party will be entitled to purchase from time to time, as per its needs and at its sole discretion, fiber optic infrastructure services (including Indefeasible Right of Use – IRU) from the other party´s present and/or future fiber optics infrastructure in order to connect residential buildings throughout Israel, the company said.

The Agreement, if concluded and executed, will allow the companies to avoid duplicated future deployment, as well as allow the company to accelerate the deployment rollout of the fiber optics infrastructure while reducing costs and improving its ability to provide quality services, for the benefit of the customers and the competition in the telecommunications market. At the same time, the company is exploring other alternatives to accelerate its deployment of fiber infrastructure. The finalization of the Agreement is subject to further negotiations between the parties and if concluded, the execution of the Agreement will be subject to the required regulatory approvals.

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