Park Assist Introduces New Cloud-Based Software Platform

Park Assist has introduced its latest software innovation, INX™, the company said.

Over the last several years, Park Assist has experienced extensive growth. To meet the demands of this expansion and customers´ evolving needs, Park Assist began to reexamine its software, eager to create a user interface that could properly support and enhance its parking guidance technology.

INX was built to maximize the performance of each guidance system, and advance the way it is used, designed, deployed, and maintained. Emanating from the core concepts that comprised Park Assist´s previous software, INX is a more refined and robust platform, increasing communication between Park Assist´s hardware and operating system, enhancing functionality, and changing the way users interact with their parking guidance systems.

Officially launched on July 1st, INX is a cloud-based user interface providing Management, Operators and Marketing teams with real-time data using dashboards, historical reports and comparative analyses to seamlessly improve the parking journey, maximize operational efficiencies and drive new revenue opportunities. This technology platform — focused on real-time data, IoT device management, ecosystem integration, and data security — encompasses business intelligence modules, service and support access, and optional applications for enhanced features and greater control.

In announcing the launch of INX, Scott Dubois, Vice President of Product Management at Park Assist said, “We are extremely excited about INX, not just because of the improved user experience and functionality that it delivers today, but what INX as a platform enables us to bring to market in the near future”.

INX´s intuitive design provides easily digestible data and analytics, while empowering users to have complete control of their parking guidance system and their garage. Integrating with Park Assist´s PGS, INX enables constant communication between the system, operators, and parkers, providing an exceptional customer experience, but also an exceptional depth of information about how the garage is functioning, what adjustments need to be made to improve the bottom line, and how customers are engaging with the facility.

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