Paris airport group selects Outsight's 3D smart monitoring technology

The Paris Group (ADP) has announced that it has chosen Outsight´s 3D Smart Monitoring system to be used in two areas of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in the international Terminal 2E, including the baggage claim zone, the company said.

The 3D Smart Monitoring solution enables operational awareness, higher efficiency and provides valuable insights into people flow and asset utilization to operators of large premises. Due to the fusion of multiple 3D Cameras operating in real-time, Outsight delivers a shadowless premises-wide perception for large locations such as airports and shopping centers.

Smart Monitoring, a multibillion-dollar market, currently dominated by 2D-based Video solutions (CCTV Cameras and 2D Video analytics), is rapidly growing. 3D sensing technology is bringing unique value to this market and unleashing new applications.

Outsight´s technology provides a cost-efficient ability for systems to perceive, understand and ultimately interact with their surroundings in real-time. Outsight believes in making a smarter and safer world by empowering cars, drones, and robots with the superhuman capabilities provided by their 3D Semantic Camera.