Paramount Business Jets assists Sato Project to transport recused dogs

Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) has collaborated with the Sato Project to transport 34 stray dogs rescued from one of Puerto Rico´s most impoverished regions.

The dogs will be transported to the United States for adoption.

The Sato Project has rescued and rehabilitated over 1,500 dogs from Yabucoa´s Dead Dog Beach. After providing veterinary care, project volunteers arrange flights to transport the dogs to the United States for adoption.

PBJ vetted and booked an aircraft operator with experience in transporting live cargo, and arranged a travel schedule to ensure cooler temperatures on the ground for the animals while the selected aircraft made a required fuel-stop enroute to its destination in Morristown, NJ. From Morristown, volunteers with the Sato Project will work to find homes for the rescued animals.

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