Parallel Wireless announces Band 14-in-a-Box

Parallel Wireless, Inc. has made available an easy-to-deploy Band 14 Public Safety LTE network kit at a fraction of the cost of currently available solutions, the company said.

US Public Safety agencies can win a week´s rental of this DIY Band 14-in-a-Box kit by submitting their interest here or at Parallel Wireless booth 227 at IWCE which will allow them to gain a firsthand experience in the summer of 2016 on how easy it is to deploy this kit.

This ultra-compact, lightweight LTE network is the industry´s first ready-in-minutes plug-´n´-play 3GPP-compliant solution capable of delivering mission-critical voice and data. By being self-configuring and self-optimizing, this DIY Band 14-in-a-box provides the emergency services community with the most adaptable, resilient, and cost-effective infrastructure for wireless coverage during large public events and natural or man-made disasters.

Parallel Wireless enables carriers, public safety, and enterprise to deploy cellular networks as easy and as cost-effective as enterprise Wi-Fi. The company has been selected by an LTE provider in Europe and is engaged in many trials globally.