Paradigm offers expanded functionality for petrophysicists, geologists, engineers

Paradigm said it has released Paradigm Geolog 7.4, the latest version of its industry-leading Geolog® formation evaluation software suite.

Geolog 7.4 offers a rich set of new engineering functionalities that expand the product´s reach into additional phases of the production cycle. This release also extends third-party connectivity, including support for Petrel 2015, enabling users to bring the power of Geolog into workflows based in other products.

Geolog 7.4 enhances the solution for engineers with tools to enable an independent assessment of well integrity, critical to ensuring safe operations; and new well schematics and production logging tools to assist with post-production formation evaluation. In addition, a new, full-functioned geomechanics module offers a comprehensive series of calculations and interactive tools for assessing mechanical conditions around the wellbore, resulting in a better understanding of the reservoir. New reservoir characterization plots enable the estimation of reservoir flow properties from log data. And the Geolog pore pressure prediction functionality is now available in a single integrated workflow, for improved efficiency.

Paradigm is an independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry.