Panzura Inside 2.0 eliminates need for traditional NAS

Panzura, the provider of unstructured data management in the cloud, has announced the second generation of the Panzura Inside program, the company said.

Panzura Inside features the new Panzura Freedom 7 virtual machine (VM) with 10X performance and scale, tested with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) systems and all-flash arrays (AFA). The program also includes a new starter bundle that can be downloaded and deployed in minutes with existing HCI and AFA systems, turning local flash storage into unlimited, high performance cloud storage for unstructured data.

When combined with a HCI system or AFA, the Panzura Freedom 7 VM enables enterprises to modernize their storage environments and eliminate traditional NAS (structured and unstructured), saving up to 70 percent. Panzura Inside helps enterprises non-disruptively take advantage of cloud storage economics, scalability, and resiliency while delivering the data center performance required by applications and users. Panzura Inside has been tested with Nutanix, Simplivity, Pure, Nimble, Tintri, and Tegile.

Panzura is the provider of managing unstructured data in the cloud. Panzura Freedom, an intelligent hybrid cloud storage platform, represents a breakthrough in managing explosive growth in unstructured data, delivering data center performance with the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud. The Panzura Cloud File System underpins Panzura Freedom and incorporates intelligent file services backed by 26 patents. Using Panzura, enterprises shift from legacy storage as they consolidate and simplify their storage into the cloud. Organizations like Milwaukee Tool, American College of Radiology, and Chevron use Panzura for active archive, hybrid cloud NAS, and cross-site collaboration. Visit for further information.