Pan Am International Flight Academy, Express Jet enter into pilot pathway agreement

Pan Am International Flight Academy has announced it has singed a pilot pathway agreement with ExpressJet Airlines to provide Pan Am´s certified flight instructors an opportunity for future employment at ExpressJet, the company said.

This agreement is a step by two key players in the aviation industry amidst a market prediction for commercial pilots in the future. Boeing´s 2018 Pilot & Technician Outlook says aviation is looking at an unprecedented demand for 790,000 pilots over the next two decades and research firm Cowen & Company estimated that “more than 42% of active US airline pilots at the biggest carriers will retire over the next 10 years, roughly 22,000 of them.”

Pan Am International Flight Academy is a leader in aviation training and has more experience and more programs catering to the aviation service industry than any other training organization. In 2017 it trained over 5,000 aviation professionals. As the only surviving division of original Pan American World Airways, the Academy can trace its instruction heritage to the earliest days of airline flight training. With locations in Miami, Las Vegas, Tokyo & Europe, Pan Am is a legacy, dedicated to training aviation professionals one customer at a time.

As a United Express partner, ExpressJet serves over 110 airports in 34 US states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. ExpressJet also offers its pilots the clearest path to a position with United Airlines through the Pilot Career Path Program with its partner. The airline operates a fleet of more than 130 Embraer and Bombardier regional jets.