Pallas Capital Advisors partners with Wheels Up to provide meals through MEALS UP initiative

Pallas Capital Advisors, LLC and Wheels Up have announced a partnership in collaboration with the MEALS UP initiative through Feeding America, the companies said.

Wheels Up supplied 10 million meals in one week´s time to the food insecure and those facing hunger during the COVID-19 crisis through Feeding America, a hunger relief organization with an extensive network of food banks feeding the hungry across the country. Wheels Up is now expanding the MEALS UP initiative.

Pallas Capital Advisors, LLC is an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm affiliated with Registered Investment Advisor, GWM Advisors, LLC.

Wheels Up Partners, LLC is a brand in private aviation that delivers a total aviation solution. Wheels Up gives members access to fleets of private aircraft, totaling over 300 planes–as well as the Program Fleet, which includes over 1,250 Wheels Up safety-vetted and verified partner aircraft in the Light, Midsize, Super-Mid, and Large-Cabin Categories.