PAL-V opens North American flying car school

PAL-V has opened a flying car school in Providence, Utah, with a launch event designed to introduce prospective customers to flying in a vehicle similar to the PAL-V Liberty Flying Car, the company said.

The company selected Utah because the region is easy to access geographically, has a good network of general aviation airports and offers mountain-flying experience that will benefit the future owners of PAL-V flying cars.

The company said it will work with Gyroplane training guru, Phil Harwood and the IAPGT (International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training) to help create standardized flight training programs.

The PAL-V flying car uses gyroplane technology for stable and safe flight and clients will learn to fly on modern gyroplane equipment.

PAL-V EUROPE NV (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is a Dutch company developing a roadable aircraft, that is an autogyro or gyrocopter.