Pakistan International grounds 150 pilots over dubious credentials

The Guardian has reported Pakistan International Airlines said it will ground 150 of its pilots based on suspicion they hold dubious licences and flying certificates, the news source said.

The move was announced after air accident investigators blamed a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot for last month´s crash in Karachi which killed 99 people.

Investigations into pilot qualifications began after an earlier crash where it was found the pilot´s license may have been fake. The test date indicated on his licence had been a public holiday. Another pilot was found to have been out of the country on the day he was said to have been tested.

In 2017 a PIA pilot was investigated for potentially putting the lives of more than 305 passengers at risk by putting a trainee pilot in charge while he took a nap in a passenger seat.

In 2017, officials found consignments of heroin hidden on PIA flights between the UK and Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines is the national flag carrier of Pakistan under the administrative control of the Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Aviation.