PacketLight Networks, NRBN improve connectivity for businesses in Niagara Region

PacketLight Networks, a provider of DWDM and optical fibre networking solutions, has announced a partnership with Niagara Regional Broadband Network (NRBN) to build a high capacity, high speed network that will support all municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals and businesses in the Niagara region, the company said.

NRBN was able to increase existing network capacity from 10G to 100G by deploying PacketLight´s PL-2000AD 200G muxponder/transponder with onboard encryption alongside the PL-1000TN 10G transponder solution, and PL-300 passive optical solution, to upgrade their existing network by nearly ten-fold, keeping up with ever-increasing data demands for the 600+ businesses in the surrounding area.

PacketLight´s alien wavelength solution creates more capacity and improved spectral efficiency over fibre lines and transports additional wavelengths over any existing OTN/DWDM network infrastructure, without infrastructure replacement or change. At a time where network security has become a global concern, PacketLight DWDM and OTN solutions have the most advanced cryptography solution, which performs Layer-1 encryption to ensure that nefarious elements cannot intercept any data sent across the fibre network.

PacketLight Networks offers a suite of 1U metro and long haul CWDM/DWDM and OTN solutions, as well as Layer-1 optical encryption for transport of data, storage, voice and video applications over dark fibre and WDM networks. PacketLight provides the entire optical layer transport solution within a highly integrated compact platform, designed for high capacity, maximum flexibility, easy maintenance and operation, with real pay-as-you-grow architecture, while maintaining a high level of reliability and low cost.

Niagara Regional Broadband Network Limited (NRBN) is Niagara´s premier choice for data communications services. NRBN operates the most extensive and advanced fibre network in the Niagara Region. NRBN´s fibre-optic network spans over 600 customer sites and 750 kilometers within the region. Offering a fully redundant and physically diverse IP Backbone, NRBN is the perfect choice for disaster-recovery and business-continuity planning. NRBN partners with Major Telecommunication Carrier´s with connections spanning from 151 Front St W, Toronto, Ontario to 350 Main St, Buffalo, New York.