PacketLight Launches Fiber Networking Solution for Internet Exchange and Cloud Applications

PacketLight Networks, a provider of DWDM and optical fiber networking solutions, has announced the launch of the PL-2000DC 1U platform, designed for high capacity data center interconnect (DCI), metro and long haul networks, the company said.

The product meets capacity demands of up to 16 x 100G LAN and OTU4, and provides market modularity with four 400G pluggable drawers and optic modules, delivering up to 1.6T in a 1U chassis.

The PL-2000DC is a dynamic solution that delivers performance monitoring for both the line optical transport layer (OTN) and 100G LAN/OTU4 service interfaces. The optical interfaces and services are, interoperable with all third party switches and routers in order to give enterprises maximum ability to grow their infrastructure in a vendor-agnostic environment. The PL-2000DC is compact and has low power consumption to meet the market demands for reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

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PacketLight Networks offers a suite of 1U metro and long haul CWDM/DWDM and OTN solutions, as well as Layer-1 optical encryption for transport of data, storage, voice and video applications over dark fiber and WDM networks. PacketLight provides the entire optical layer transport solution within a highly integrated compact platform, designed for high capacity, maximum flexibility, easy maintenance and operation, with real pay-as-you-grow architecture, while maintaining a high level of reliability and low cost.