Packet Design expedites self-driving networks

Packet Design´s ability to effect self-driving networks is accelerating in 2018, with 67 percent year-over-year growth in bookings for the first quarter ended March 31, the company said.

Automating technology migrations saves six months to one year: A large North American MSO used the Packet Design Explorer Suite´s REST APIs to migrate thousands of business customers safely from older routers to newer ones. The analytics-driven automation enabled them to complete this project in just a few weeks. Ordinarily, it would have taken six to 12 months via manual methods.

Proactive rerouting of traffic before links fail: A European mobile operator implemented the Packet Design Explorer Suite in a proof of concept to detect optical link issues and calculate and provision alternate paths to avoid service disruption.

Automating customer requests: A multinational telecom giant uses the Packet Design Explorer Suite to determine the best path for customer service orders. For example, when a customer needs an increase in bandwidth between two sites, the Explorer Suite calculates the optimum path to ensure that other services are not impacted, and facilitates the provisioning.

Packet Design technology is used in the world´s largest and most complex networks to improve network availability and performance, mitigate the risk from change, and enhance customer satisfaction. Its real-time telemetry and analytics are now powering intelligent automation by SDN controllers and service orchestrators in multi-layer, multi-vendor ecosystems. Packet Design customers deliver differentiated services faster and more economically, run their networks hotter with greater resiliency, and achieve first-mover competitive advantages. Visit for more information.