Pace International, TrustHab to Promote Facilities-Based IoT

Pace International and TrustHab have formed a strategic partnership which will enable Pace to effectively market the TrustHab platform, the companies said.

TrustHab, a Cima Group company, is a Facilities IoT Management Solution that provides centralized control over multiple smart devices within a community, enabling staff to proactively tend to maintenance issues, reduce man-hours and increase property NOI.

Pace International is a successful distribution company of video, cellular, cable management, data solutions and hardware that provides added-value services for each of their customers´ unique business solutions.

Through this partnership Pace will have the ability to extend and promote the TrustHab Solution to new and existing clients, offering an array of benefits from both property and operator standpoints. For properties, the platform empowers managers to remotely identify and manage vacant units, reduce costs associated with utilities and maintenance, promote smart home features as part of a value-add for residents, and efficiently manage heating and cooling within units.

TrustHab is a robust, flexible reporting software that gives property management teams visibility into key data across their properties. The platform leverages IoT-driven smart devices to push actionable data back to property staff, allowing them to remotely identify when a potentially risky condition is present within a unit. The Solution provides managers with an effective way to reduce maintenance costs and increase energy savings, resulting in increased NOI. Visit to learn more.

Pace International is an industry-leading North American distributor, manufacturer, and value-added reseller of satellite, cable TV, home theater, audio, and telecommunications products. As an authorized national hardware and content distributor for (NASDAQ): DISH, Pace offers complete solutions that help telcos, operators, big box retailers and mobile customers to provide content anywhere. Founded in 1972, Pace has been, simplifying and supporting the telecommunications industry for over 45 years from its headquarters in Rochester, MN. Visit to learn more.