P3 Group study finds T-Mobile program can benefit carriers, consumers, content providers

Consulting services company P3 Group has released the results of a 12-week crowdsource study that separates fact from fiction in the ongoing debate over T-Mobile´s new Binge On, a program that allows customers to stretch their data buckets by streaming video from participating providers for free, the company said.

The P3 report is based on real data collected across the United States and analyzed for the six weeks before and six weeks after the November 15, 2015 introduction of Binge On.

The report draws on the daily smartphone usage of more than 1,000 T-Mobile customers who opted into P3´s crowdsource panel by downloading P3´s proprietary measurement software that records real, everyday smartphone use including the speed, duration and quality of voice and data usage on a 24/7 basis.

According to T-Mobile, with the Binge On program, its network detects all video and adjusts all streams for smaller/handheld devices resulting in DVD video quality of 480p or better. T-Mobile caps the average transmission speed of video content at around 1.5 Mbit/s.

In its 10-page report, P3 finds that, overall, T-Mobile Binge On customers are using video apps slightly more often and, once apps are launched, they are using them significantly longer than before.

The data shows that all types of apps that download video content are affected. It doesn´t matter whether or not the content is streamed or downloaded. Video content embedded in a Web page, retrieved from social networks or simply downloaded is affected as well.

P3 Group is a global consulting, engineering and testing services company with a team of over 3,000 consultants and engineers across 50 countries. The company provides a broad portfolio of independent technical and management consulting services including network planning, engineering, end-to-end optimization, market intelligence, security, QoS and QoE testing, international benchmarking, device testing and acceptance services.